Special Pricing on New Mexico Rifle Bull or Cow Elk

These hunts give the single hunter or group the option to trophy hunt for a big bull or to take a cow for meat! We offer these hunts in an effort to provide a quality elk hunt with extra flexibility and value for the trophy and non trophy hunter.

Any 5 days 
December 4-31

Either Sex Elk Permit
$4,800 + State Tag Fee

$1,200 Kill Fee on Bull elk.
"No Kill Fee on Cow Elk"

Any 5 days 
December 4-31
Antlerless Elk Permit ONLY
$1,800 + State Tag Fee

Ask about Special FIRST Time Pricing for a Youth Hunter, A Female Hunter, A Veteran, or anyone who has Never Taken an Elk before on a limited first come, first serve basis. 

This applies to Antlerless Elk Permits ONLY.
Meals and lodging are NOT included in any hunt price. When a hunt is booked, we will send a list of area motels/restaurants and Air BnB's in the area for you to choose from.
All hunts include a very expensive Private Landowner Elk Permit to GUARANTEE  the purchase of your state hunting license (no drawing) for an additional cost of approximately $650.