ANY 5 Days:    OCT. 15-Nov. 5

$7,500 ea + State Tag Fee

These season dates offer good post rut/second estrus activity with the older bulls still staying with the cows. Plus, the temperatures are cooling down which is always a plus for better hunting conditions and increased daytime elk activity.

Choose your start date for your hunt either solo or with friends.  There is NO DRAW for these tags.  These are 100% Private Land Owner Tags available for purchase  and offered Exclusively thru Sportsmen's Edge on a first come, first serve basis - deposits secure your place.  There is limits to the numbers of these Tags available overall and based on each ranch's management goals to ensure mature Bull numbers are maintained.

Once multiple States announce their Draws, these Private Land tags are the only Guaranteed method of Hunting Elk in NM if a hunter was unsuccessful in the Draw.  The longer you wait the higher demand these hunts become.


Meals and lodging are NOT included in any hunt price. When a hunt is booked, we will send a list of area motels/restaurants and Air BnB's in the area for you to choose from.
All hunts include a very expensive Private Landowner Elk Permit to GUARANTEE  the purchase of your state hunting license (no drawing) for an additional cost of approximately $650.